What was the hardest toy for you to aquire?????

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Re: What was the hardest toy for you to aquire?????

Postby TJLAUTERBACH » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:16 pm

My hardest Funko to ever aquire was the blue chrome batman.

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Re: What was the hardest toy for you to aquire?????

Postby Flynn47 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:57 pm

Most difficult was my Funklub Freddy pop.
Since I’m in Australia I couldn’t get one shipped directly to me, so a lovely member here on the boards offered to have a funklub box posted to her and then forward to me...

Then USPS decided to lose my package for 4 months and insist only the sender could make enquiries, so this poor woman had me emailing her every two weeks asking “any word yet?”

After a while we both gave up, then low and behold a very damaged box arrived in Australia marked with USPS tape and markings- I didn’t even register as to what it could be as my funklub investment was well in the past by then.

I opened the box, audibly screamed and ran around the house for a few minutes before sending a very excited and grateful email to the lady helper who was equally surprised/thrilled that he had finally arrived.

The only downer was the box was a little crushed and somehow the ‘Pop’ decal Freddy holds was crumpled when applied and set all bunched up and bubbled.

All that said, my Boo Berry Wobbler this year was a bit of a pain to find, but so glad I have all the monsters now.
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