your oddest piece of Funko, special Funko history

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Re: your oddest piece of Funko, special Funko history

Postby Trixt » Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:52 pm

funkystark wrote:I would have to say this is pretty rare,odd, awesome call it what you will :) In early 2014 closing in on my wedding, I knew that some of my awesome Funatic friends were making quite the trek to Canada (some even had to get their first passport) to be part of our special day and I wanted to say thank you. So I reached out to Brian and asked if I could get some blank shirt retro Freddys that myself and my wife could customize as Thank yous for the Funatic guest. Well Brain much to my surprise (really it shouldn't have been because the man is awesome) took my request one step further and had these made! My wife knew about the little ones being made for thank yous but I managed to keep the big one a surprise. The big one started the night on our reception table greeting everyone that came to the wedding, quickly became the talk of the wedding and eventually was the most requested dance partner of the night!


Will never miss an opportunity to show off this picture. Which somehow has gotten cropped really weird, sorry Alex!

Name is Wil.

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Re: your oddest piece of Funko, special Funko history

Postby sdcccrasher » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:29 pm

thejosh2010 wrote:
sdcccrasher wrote:My oddest piece is a Spastik Plastik coin purse.

Yay, i finally found them! lol I have two...not sure how many there were but i'm sure Rev has them all :bow:


Don"t you just love these. Mine is blue and also has the chain attached. Truly the "old days" at the conception of the Funko phenomenon. Thank you for sharing these wonderful remembrances.

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