My Hero Academia - Mystery Minis Series 1

Great things come in mysterious miniature or pint sized packages, but which great thing will it be? It's all a mystery until you open one. Then the fun begins.
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Re: My Hero Academia - Mystery Minis Series 1

Postby cmasicampo » Fri Mar 12, 2021 10:34 am

Agreed! Hoping to see more of in the future!

AJLeegion wrote:Going to buy these loose one at a time so I don't end up with repeats. Already got Deku (unmasked) on the way, All Might is next.

Hoping if they ever do a series 2 they include.

- Tokoyami
- Kirishima
- Momo
- Lemillion
- Midnight
- Endeavor
- Stain
- Himiko Toga
- Dabi
- All For One
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